Tuesday, 24 December 2013

A brilliant birthday present

Christmas Eve.
Here’s a picture of James with his birthday present.

Thank you for all your birthday wishes, and apologies for slow or no acknowledgment, we’ve not had an internet connection for some time.

I’ll jump straight to it, this is a picture of where we had dinner on Christmas Eve. Spaghetti Bolognese, since you ask. Turns out campervanning is like camping, but less minging.  And you have to be very tidy.

To wind back a day, not a whole lot to report on the 23rd, we got the van, got a bit confused trying to shop in Christchurch and went for a wander on New Brighton Beach.  We did find our way to Christchurch centre, and saw the extent of the Earthquake damage.
Today we set out to do some gentle mountain biking to ease James back into the world of physical exertion. We never made it, we kept getting distracted by views like this. Lovely short walk up Rakaia Gorge  near Mount Hutt. 

After fighting off the Orcs on the eastern shore we experienced the famous changeable weather. We are now parked up on shore of Lake Coleridge, which we found on an off chance. Oh my life. It really is the colour in the picture.  This is kind of how we hope it would be.

Heading to Christchurch Cathedral for Christmas day service in the morning.

Word of the day:  Handbrake*

*this is a new feature, lets see how long it lasts. 

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