Friday, 3 January 2014

Raindrops keep falling on my head...

Turns out Eric should have been Erica. Also, though we were really excited to see one Sea Lion, the next morning we saw this.

Turns out that Sea Lions are ten a penny along this stretch of coast. The next campsite even had warnings out to watch out for them in the roads ways.  They are a lot of fun though, we saw a couple in the distance playing on the edge of the sea like puppies.

After waving good bye to our new friends we headed off on a mooch along the Caitlins. Taking in many beaches and generally lovely countryside. We had a side jaunt up to the MacLean Falls which were pretty amazing. 

Over new years we were lucky to get a spot on a campsite at Curio Bay. Oh my. Oh my. So we’re used to Sea Lions my now. But down to the east of the campsite you can see these. These are very rare Yellow Eyed penguins. And you can watch them from a few meters away. Amazing. We didn’t manage to stay out until the males all came back from fishing because it was cold and there were sand flies. (Sand  Flies Are Bad. They land on you teeth first).

In the morning we  went to the beach (curio bay itself) on the West of the campsite. Where we saw these. Ok, the pictures aren’t great, but honestly we did see them doing back flips out of the water. If you had a wet suit you could have swum with them but it was FREEZING cold water. These are yet more (very rare) Hector’s Dolphins. Doing back flips for us.

Then we drove to a lighthouse. Which had another sea lion. Then we made a bid for Fiordland via Invarcargail, which was shut. Because it was New Years Day. We managed to find a burger king to eat in. And one shop to buy James some water sandles.

Then more driving up to a very basic “campsite” which by Lake Monowai.

Today we’ve made it to Fiordland proper. (no offence Lake Monowai). It is wet. And Filled with sandflies. And you can get a lovely breakfast of bacon and pancakes up the road. We’re based in Manapouri for the next couple of days. Today we’ve done a day walk along the Kepler Track which is one of New Zealand’s “Great Walks”. Very beautiful rain forest and dramatic mountains appearing out of the clouds. There’s also apparently a chance of seeing the very rare kiwi bird along here. But unlike all the other rare animals in NZ it didn’t show up. 

Tomorrow is our Wedding Anniversary and very romantically James had booked a trip Kayaking on Doubtful Sound.

Right now, its raining. A lot. 

Word of the day - rainbow.

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