Thursday, 30 January 2014

Routeburn Track Blog

The Routeburn Track is very different to the Milford Track - much more alpine with a lot more walking above the treeline.  There's less of an aura about it, and it is busier, but it is also incredibly spectacular.  We have been so blessed with good weather - for our walk we had the first 3 consecutive sunny days all season apparently.

Day 1 - The Divide to Lake Mackenzie Lodge

One of the lakes on Key Summit, about an hour in to the track.

Lake Marian, seen from Key Summit

Earland Falls

'The Orchard' section of the walk.  A land slip had cleared the land, and these trees were first to grow back.

The Hollyford Valley, seen from the track.

Arriving at our lodge by Lake Mackenzie.  What is James wearing?

Lake Mackenzie as dusk fell.

Day 2: Lake Mackenzie lodge to Routeburn Falls Lodge
A misty start at Lake Mackenzie

Getting above the treeline as the early morning cloud cleared.

The steep side to the path.

James at Ocean Peak Corner.

The path again overlooking the Hollyford Valley.

Some of our party on Conical Hill - an optional summit just after lunch.

The lunch huts and our path ahead, seen from the path to conical hill.

Lake Harris

Looking towards the Routeburn Valley.

The Routeburn Valley.  Can you spot our lodge?

The view from our room.  There was a stream underneath the building.

The view reflected in our bedroom window.

Pancake catching is a tradition at Routeburn Falls Lodge.  This is Art and Joan in action.

Day 3 - Routeburn Falls Lodge to Road End
The Routeburn Valley seen from the site of a big landslip.

The Routeburn itself

Some of our group having lunch at Ford Flats

The view at lunch

Some crazy people going canyoning.

Not long after that, we reached the end of the track.  We all went to the pub for 'chups', which was fun.  It was sad to say goodbye to everyone and realise that our New Zealand adventure is coming to a close.  Since then we have eaten a lot of Italian food in Queenstown, were looked after brilliantly in a lovely B&B, and sat on a plane to Auckland.  

Thanks for reading this blog.  See you all soon!

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